A players game can often be underpinned by their ability to get the ball in to the hole. At JFG Putting, we leave no stone unturned to help you find the best approach to improving and then maintaining your putting performances.


Using cameras from multiple angles to record your stroke, plus the measurement of putter data with the Capto putting sensor, we are able to look in great depths the strengths and weaknesses of a players stroke.


Using the state of the art putting platform in the studio, we are able to add slope to our green to measure, test & train players to improve their understanding of how sloping putts can be managed.


Like all other clubs in your bag, selecting a putter from a Pro shop shelf is taking a number of risks without knowing if the putter is going to measure up well to you and your stroke. Taking all aspects in to consideration, we can have players test out various models, fit putters to players relative to the putters length, loft, head shape and aiming profile.


To any player wishing to measure their success, elite players or keen golfers would benefit from knowing the true performance goals and how to monitor them, providing valuable feedback for both the player and the coach which in turn, helps to build a more robust and valuable training model.


Our specialist Putting Instructor Richie Marsden has had the privilege of being mentored by world renowned Putting Coaches Phil Kenyon & Mike Kanski at Putting Solutions, formerly Swash Putting located at Formby Hall Golf Resort & Spa, England.

Richie’s professional golf career began as a PGA Assistant at Formby Hall in 2008,  where Phil & his coaching team set up their operations at Formby Hall soon after in 2009.  Richie Qualified as a PGA member in 2012 and his passion for coaching was well established.  Richie has always been keen to learn from Phil & his team and has gone on to attend and complete the Putting Solutions Accreditations Levels 1 & 2 that Phil and his team coordinate.

Richie is now based here in Northern Ireland and has a Putting Studio set up designed to help all levels of golfer within all aspects of Putting, from coaching sessions, putter fittings, green reading, putter repairs & customisations.