Ben Crawford is a dedicated PGA Associate with a rich history in the world of golf. He distinguished himself as a talented golfer in his youth career, competing across Europe and being involved in Ulster selections and Ulster university up to the age of 21. Ben’s exceptional skill on the course is highlighted by his impressive achievement of holding the course record at Greenacres Golf Club with a remarkable score of 65.

Beyond his personal accomplishments, Ben is deeply passionate about coaching and is committed to sharing his love for the game with others. His comprehensive approach to coaching covers all aspects of golf, making him a valuable mentor to players of all levels. Ben specialises in working with beginners of the game, making their learning experience fun and enjoyable. he excels at breaking down complex concepts into simple, easy to understand lessons, ensuring new golfers to build a strong foundation. His patient and encouraging approach guide a positive environment, while his use of interactive drills and games keeps sessions engaging.

Ben’s blend of competitive experience and coaching expertise makes him a respected figure in the golfing community.

Contact Ben to arrange your golf coaching session here; 07454 725262