Johnny Foster Golf has established a very successful Junior Performance Programme which aims to deliver high-performance coaching to aspiring junior golfers worldwide, both through the latest technology and in person.

The ethos of the programme is to develop and nurture junior athletes by improving their skills, instilling confidence in them and most importantly enabling them to have fun in a welcoming and safe environment.

In the last number of years the Junior Performance Programme has had some excellent results with many of the students representing Ulster and Ireland. Individual wins have been achieved at U18, U16 and U14 level in national championships as well as tournament wins in the USA.

All technical aspects of the game are important to the aspiring junior golfer; however the Junior Performance Programme believes that the focus at this impressionable age also needs to be on empowering the student to think independently and to make good decisions on and off the course.

The Junior Performance Programme is supported by all the JFG coaches so that young golfers of all ages and abilities are catered for. The entire learning atmosphere is something Johnny is really proud of and with the help of Chris and Jordan it continues to go from strength to strength.

Stef Buchanon whose son attended an HP camp remarked...

“The High Performance Camp provided my child with a unique opportunity to experience high level tour coaching and simulated tour skills and drills. As a parent of a young athlete it can be a daunting experience knowing where to get them the best coaching, guidance and support. The coaches recognised that the parents often need support too and included parent only support sessions within the two day camp”

Safeguarding and Duty of Care:

At Johnny Foster Golf, we are committed to providing a safe environment for which juniors to develop and learn. We ensure that our coaches follow the required safeguarding policies to ensure that safety is paramount in the child’s development.